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Fears And Phobias

'I know I shouldnt feel like this...'

There are so many different fears and phobias that its impossible to list them all here. Yes we do help with eradicating ANY fears and phobias that you may have.

Many people fear spiders, paper, heights, birds, driving, sex, the opposite sex, speaking in public, foods, drink, dogs, cats, loud noises to name a few.

It really doesnt matter what type of fear or phobia you have, you can be sure in the knowledge that Hypnotherapy can help and does irradicate fears and phobias

Number of sessions?

You will require at least six single sessions and in most cases this is a minimum, especially if this is a deep rooted problem.


Each single session is £35, however double sessions are advised and are available for £70

CDs are also available for purchase at £40 per standard CD or £50 per personalised CD

















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